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Tollgard Design Group project

Amman Villa

The Amman Villa is a story of a young, vibrant family building a life in an incredibly modern building set against a Jordanian backdrop.  ‘Heartfelt minimalism’ became the tagline for the script, as we worked with Lebanese architect Raёd Abillama and a team of contractors and craftsman to create a bold and dynamic interior presence in a historic location.  His architectural tour-de-force reconfigures vernacular materials to break with cultural traditions. To allow the architecture to resonate indoors as well as outdoors, we then designed the joinery, kitchens and furniture in an elegant yet minimal way, only allowing strong colours in the bold artwork around the galleried spaces. Unlike many galleries, that can feel cold and that exist only to house and light the artwork, this is a warm space framed with natural materials: a gallery for life.