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Jam By Hedayat Ltd project

Commercial - Aperitivo Bar/Restaurant and Left Bank Restaurant


Hedayat worked closely with the owners of La Bodega’s new restaurant Aperitivo, to create a space that revives the glamorous era of 1930’s Cairo. The challenge was to bring the concept to life through the design in a way that highlights the opulence and style of that period, while making it a contemporary space that is timeless. The design emphasises the rich art deco architecture of the Baehler Building, built in 1929, and now housing Aperitivo.


Interior layout

Interior finishing specifications

Furniture design


Left Bank was an empty space that was built from the ground up. Hedayat and her team came up with the architecture, concept, finishing and furnishing. Left Bank was conceived as a Nile-side café/bistro/ patisserie inspired by downtown cultural salons, and the objective of the design was to capture the Egyptian zeitgeist and translate it in both form and function to create a venue for Nile-side dialogue and the free exchange of ideas. The design of the space was based on the three main physical aspects that define the heart of Downtown Cairo (namely Tahrir Square); open space, a central locus, and vertical boundaries.



Design with engineering consultant

Interior layout

Interior finishes

Furniture design