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OMO Design project


2016 | Kiev | 350 sq.m | Design

Team: Natalia Shchyra, Viktoria Oskilko, Anna Kaplonska, Konstantin Kashuk, Dmitry Kozinenko, Illya Nepravda

Photos by: Andriy Avdeenko

Creating a calm space for the practice, more aligned with a SPA than a medical institution.

The luxury finishes of wood, stone and leather were used. Soft and warm LED lighting is comfortable for eyes, and domestic style lamps create a cosy atmosphere.

To avoid symmetry in the corridor asymmetrical built-in lights are installed. Black mirrors are add depth to the space. The climate control system is hidden behind the ceiling to provide a uniform temperature in each room.

Walls decorated with paintings of contemporary Ukrainian artists, the exhibition changes from time to time to allow shift mood in the practice space.

Service zones such as wardrobe and coffee station are hidden and integrated.