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CEDIA: Smart Home Technology - Designing Integrated Future Ready Homes

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CEDIA: Smart Home Technology - Designing Integrated Future Ready Homes

This course is designed to help interior designers appreciate the
benefits of home automation, systems integration and structured wiring
to their clients. The aims of the course are: to ensure that homes are
usefully connected internally and externally to electronic and data
services for the foreseeable future to provide an understanding of the
basic techniques and the terminology of Custom Installation to reveal
what's possible in home electronic design to ensure that architects,
designers, specifiers and developers know who to ask when they need help
in a particular area.

A Smart Home Technology CPD event provides great tools for Interior
Designers who would like to expand their portfolio by incorporating the
best technologies for their clients, without obtruding their designs. 

This event hosted by Nest and Invision focuses on: understanding
smart home technology integration, the understanding and specifying of
audio systems, designing integrated future-ready homes and understanding
what is possible in home technology design.

After the CEDIA CPD course the Nest Thermostat and Smoke Detector
will be introduced. Nest have revolutionised the simple heating
solutions we have become accustomed to and provided a new interface that
offers a more energy efficient home by intuitively learning the habits
of a household through experience over time. 

The presentation will give an overview of Nest, the applications its
product is suited to, and the general design requirements for successful
integration into building projects. The event also offers an
opportunity to meet representatives of the company at their headquarters
and get hands on with the devices.

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