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Contrast & Colour Workshop

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Event description

This newly announced workshop will provide delegates with a hands-on, interactive approach of principles of colour, contrast and vision. We will explore
aspects of colour in the built environment for both interior and exterior
spaces. The course will also cover techniques available for successful
selection of colour and contrast in creating design palettes.  The delegates will then explore in a short practical
session some important strategies for colour application that involve an
understanding, and a psychological appraisal of colour for bespoke interiors.

should attend?

1 Professionals from a wide range of fields who
would like to understand more about colour and paint systems as well as
contrast application in the built environment for a visually impaired

2 Interior designers who need top up their
knowledge about colour palettes, specification and usage.

3 Designers and architects who need to update
their skills in application of contrast in the built environment.

4 Professional painters and decorators who
would like to extend their expertise further into colour and contrast studies
for their business.


The course is led by Emeritus Professor of Design
Hilary Dalke, Director of CROMOCON. Professor Dalke has had over 40 years
training designers in colour design, previously running The Colour Design
Research Centre at London South Bank University and working on a wide range of
consultancies in the field of special needs, healthcare, transport, prisons,
and public spaces. She shares her professional experience in the
field of colour design and contrast.
Hilary was a speaker at the BIID's 2014 Annual Conference.


9:00 - 9:30 Refreshments, Introduction &

9:30 Start
Facts on Colour, Vision and Contrast
Application in the Built environment

11:00 Tea Break (15 Mins)
Colour and contrast measurement for interiors
Colour usage and psychology

13:00 Lunch (1 Hour)

15:00 Tea Break (15 Mins)
on practical workshop

17:00 Ends

Materials to bring to the Colour Workshop

  • 1 or two pieces of A3 Card for the presentation of work
  • A carrier bag/or similar filled with colour magazines/printed
    colour sheets/other colour scrap papers. We will be using this as a
    resource for the practical colour workshop so bring all you can manage
  • Pritt-Stik or similar glue stick or pot for easy sticking of paper,
    colour swatches etc
  • Any colouring tools that don’t require water – pencils, markers
    felt pens
  • Scissor/ruler/basic drawing instruments as needed

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