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Introduction to Biophilic Design

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Learn how the practices of biophilic design optimise living and working spaces, enhance health and productivity, lower stress and cultivate creativity.

Biophilia or 'love of all that is living' speaks to our inherent ability to connect with the natural world. Biophilic design brings this innate connection into our homes and is essential for our wellbeing and that of the planet. This session will give the science behind the intuitively obvious and so equip us with the ability to integrate these ideas into both our design and communication decisions.The workshop will present a menu of biophilic ideas that can be used to strengthen our sense of nature, belonging and connection to place.  


  • Understanding biophilic design, its intuitiveness and importance.
  • Learning the universal principles of biophilic design.
  • A menu of biophilic ideas to bring nature into our spaces.
  • Understanding the financial implications of implementing biophilic design.
  • Understanding why biophilic design is the key for long term sustainability.


  • Understanding how biophilic design affects our health, wellbeing and creativity.
  • Understanding why certain designs create lasting emotional attachments.
  • Understanding our innate nature design connection and the tools to incorporate this into our designs.
  • Understanding how different aspects of nature affect our cognitive, physiological and emotional functioning so we can consciously design our environment in a way that supports our health and wellbeing and productivity.
  • Guests will also receive a post-workshop guide with workshop content and extra resources.


This event is for interior designers at all stages of their careers that would like to gain a deeper understanding of Biophilic Design and how to implement it into their projects and practices. This workshop is also open to all other parties that have an interest in Biophilic Design and would like to find out more.


Natasha Jade is the founder of Natasha Jade Studios, an art and design studio pioneering biophilic and sustainable practices. The studio creates artworks which affirm life and grounds subjects in space. Natasha is fast becoming known as a distinctive voice on Biophilic Design and as a renowned speaker, has run workshops for a wide variety of industries in the creative sectors. Her work has also been featured in various publications, including The Sunday Times. Her workshops focus on the universal applications of biophilic design which are highly relevant to fields of architecture, interior, and graphic design.


I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation this morning. A whole new perspective on art, architecture, design, and airports which I had never considered. It was reassuring that so many of the points you made had a real resonance and although I had never heard of Biophilic Design it is certainly something that I will be looking out for. Sandy Angus, Chairman, Montgomery Group 

Natasha is a fountain of wisdom in an area that is of more importance than ever. Biophilic design is so much more than just ‘bringing the outside in”. It explores the innate need for a connection to nature that we as humans have and the information and enthusiasm Natasha brings is refreshing, enlightening, and energising. Couldn’t recommend her more! Xander Cadisch, PHOS: Architectural Lighting

The team loved your talk. Zachary Pulman, Zachary Pulman Design Studio

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