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Mid-Century Modernism

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Mid-Century Modernism continues to inspire and fascinate. But how much do we really know about this style, which has transcended trends and fashions since its emergence from the beginning of the 1930s?

In this insightful and necessary talk, Mark Taylor will uncover the history of the style, from the influence of the economic landscape that shaped the era, to the government initiatives of the day which facilitated its development. He will look at how American culture and architecture influenced a changing European lifestyle.

Mark will also look at the British influence on Mid-Century Modernism, with particular attention on the uses of the style today.

For designers taking inspiration from this era, Mark will illustrate pieces that have become either iconic or collectible, and will discuss how they can be juxtapositioned with contemporary living spaces today.

Finally, Mark will give an insight into his own experience of the era, drawing from his visits to the companies producing this much admired style at the time.

About the speaker:

Having gained a degree in furniture production and management, Mark Taylor won a furniture scholarship to visit America to study furniture factories. After 10 years in the furniture industry, Mark represented the UK British Standards for EU regulations on nursery furniture.

He set up his own company, Mark Taylor Design, in 1996.

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