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Mizar Lighting presents: I Love Lamp and Retail Lighting Seminars

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Mizar Lighting are pleased to bring you a set of BIID accredited CPD presented by Kam Dhatt
which promise to educate and open your eyes to the latest understanding of lighting
for human space, wellbeing and comfort. 

Below you will see details on the
seminars being held in conjunction with Light-GB, a UK partner for Mizar
Lighting. Please note refreshments and snacks will be provided. To book your
place at any of the two seminars, please RSVP:

I Love
Lamp – Light Space Perception

1:00 pm (Duration: 45 mins)

Based on our understanding of light and human evolution, how can we put
into practice good lighting design and technology to create environments that
encourage productivity, help heal, improve the learning process and create a
natural comfort for humans.

Understand the impact of daylight and what is real human centric
lighting. Using information from recent research for ground breaking
technologies and insights into the way our brains are formed to visualize the
space around us, the I Love Lamp seminar takes you on a journey to discover the
significance lighting has to empower our interior and architectural spaces for
the benefit of the occupants.


2:30 pm (Duration: 45 minutes)

Lighting can make or break spaces, nowhere more powerful is such example
than in the retail and public display space. This presentation will educate
designers on how effective application of lighting and design can establish and
enforce brand values.

Viewers will learn where right lighting techniques and technologies is
used, depending on the balance needed between visibility, environment, comfort
and maintenance. Using the right application of lighting design, well-chosen
technologies and collaboration between designers and stake holders, learn how
an effective scheme can maximize sales and bring high returns on investments. 


The CPD presentations are presented by Kam Dhatt, based in the UK, an
independent lighting designer with 16 years’ experience having worked in
various segments and across the globe spending parts of his career in Australia
and Middle East. Kam has a keen interest in leveraging new and innovative
technologies that help people occupy space in harmony with nature and with
natural comfort whilst also providing stimulating spaces to visit.

If you are interested in having any of the above CPD seminars hosted in
your office or would like to know when next seminars are being presented in
your area, please contact us at or telephone +44 1753 568 390.

Mizar Lighting

Mizar is an
architectural lighting brand of Gruppo Rostirolla Srl alongside the decorative
lighting brand, Lucente Lighting. Mizar’s design philosophy centres around the
integration of lighting into the fabric of architectural space. Products
designed and manufactured by Mizar carry contemporary and minimalistic design
whilst maintaining high performance and quality light distribution through
high-quality optical design, giving designers a pallet of tools to create
inspiriting and stimulating spaces.

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