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Professional Pathway Mentoring Event

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The BIID Pathway Mentoring evening provides Associate members with an overview of the BIID Professional Pathway. Associates can also receive 20 minutes one-to-one mentoring
sessions with a practising interior designer to talk through their
competencies recorded in their Development Diaries and to discuss their

Associates preparing for their BIID
Registration Assessment may also attend and watch a video of a
Registration Assessment in a role play scenario, featuring a candidate
who will present a real life project to the assessing panel. This will
help Associates to gain a better understanding of what is expected at
the Assessment and the opportunity to ask questions about the process.

Associates on the old Pathway can also receive guidance on any of the Pathway Modules they are currently working on.

Face-to-face Mentoring
Associate members wishing to receive mentoring on the evening must submit their Development Diaries 2 weeks in advance to

Telephone Mentoring
who are not able to attend the event may request telephone mentoring.
Development Diaries must be submitted 2 weeks in advance with your
request to

Places are limited, so please register to attend this free event.

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