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Walter Lilly & Co. Limited project

Extension and Refurbishment

This stunning 13,000sqft home, located within the prestigious St John’s Conservation area in Westminster comprises five storeys, front, rear and side gardens and two two-storey mews houses of circa 1,000sqft each.

Walter Lilly doubled the existing 6,000sqft footprint by creating a basement extension under the entire residence, extending 8m into the rear garden. A full refurbishment of the lower ground to third floors was also carried out, to the highest possible standards.

The project included the retention of the existing structure and fabric and the creation of a new central, vertical circulation core including new stairs and lift from the basement to the second floor.

It also included the refurbishment of the existing elevations and roof, replacement windows and doors, audio-visual and mechanical and electrical services and landscape remodelling to both the front and rear of the property.

The completed property is now a wonderful stylish family home above ground, with an exquisite below ground space for leisure and entertaining, which includes a swimming pool, gym, relaxation area and cinema room.