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  • Jenny Collinson
  • Tel: 020 7384 7490
  • Web:
  • Address:

    Unit 401, Westbourne Studios , 242 Acklam Road , London W10 5JJ , United Kingdom


CPD course title: Wellness & Light; The Future of Architectural Illumination

  • CPD Fees: FREE

  • CPD Duration: 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions

  • CPD Venue: Online or In-person

  • Regions: UK-Wide

CPD overview

Light is such an important part of our lives. It influences what we see and how we see it. It controls our body clock, our circadian rhythm. With the average person spending 90% of their time inside we need to consider lighting those spaces carefully to compliment the natural environment that surrounds us and has controlled our journey of evolution. In this presentation we look at why our bodies have these in-built clocks and how they operate. We look at how artificial lighting can support our natural cycles of alertness, our need for rest, how it can impact on mood and wellness. We learn about colour temperature and the quality of artificial light and how this is important in the homes we work in.

Learning objectives

By the end of this, designers should:

  • Understand the history of light and where artificial light fits into this.
  • Understand the structure of the eye, how different people see the world differently, how and why the quality light matters and how this is measured.
  • Understand how our bodies are programmed to respond to different colour temperatures of light and how we can support this in a home environment using tuneable light sources.
  • Understand the seven principles of biophilic design and how lighting can play its part.
  • Understand commonly asked questions relating to LEDs and tuneable light sources.

To book this CPD, please contact Jenny Collinson on E: T: 020 7384 7490