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Graphenstone Paints


  • Greg Norman
  • Tel: 07977 439 935
  • Web:
  • Address:
    15G Speedwell Way
    Border Valley Industrial Estate Harleston
    Norwich IP20 9EH

CPD Courses

CPD course title: The Bright Future of Sustainable Paints

  • CPD Fees: FREE

  • CPD Duration: 1 hour with questions

  • CPD Venue: Online via video conference

  • Regions: Nationwide

CPD overview

The paints industry is witnessing substantial evolution after decades of inertia. At last, new brands offer natural sustainability with high performance, using the latest advances in technology. With the surging focus on Air Quality (in and outdoors) and Biophilic design, paints are under the spotlight like never before.

This CPD explains current challenges, new developments and how to identify truly ecological brands from the all the greenwash.

Understanding why your choice of paints is about so much more than just colour.

Learning objectives

  • Global ecological impact of paints industry
  • History of petro-chemical based, plastic & VOC heavy offerings
  • New 21st century technical advances (carbon Graphene) in mineral paints
  • Development of advanced new products that offer health & sustainability benefits, with no performance compromise
  • How to avoid the growing greenwash

To book this zoom based CPD, please call or email Greg on 07977 439 935 or

This CPD can be booked by practices or individuals. The minimum group size is 5 and individuals will be placed on a booking list and delivered the CPD as part of a group. More details about booking will be provided to you via email.

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