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Holland Park Townhouse

Interior Decoration | Furniture planning | Soft furnishings | Design and coordination of bespoke joinery items

A considered, hand-in-hand approach to creating the perfect family home.

We worked closely with the client to make her house a coherent, liveable space for a hard working couple with 4 daughters of various ages. It’s a big house and our primary task to make it feel welcoming and homely, with careful design that didn’t feel contrived or obvious. It was a gentle, evolving process as the client didn’t want to rush any decisions, so we worked at her pace with a very hand-in-hand approach. We designed and built bespoke joinery throughout the house and used a considered choice of paints, wall coverings, soft furnishings, sofas and lighting to define spaces, bring a sense of calm to shared areas, while injecting fun and individuality in the kids’ bedrooms.