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Koubou Interiors project

Independent Hotel Show - Hotel Room of the Future & Hotel Lobby & Dining Area

In 2018 and 2019 Koubou Interiors were commissioned to create two spaces in the Independent Hotel Show exhibition. 

2018 - Hotel Room of the Future 

In collaboration, Koubou Interiors designed and built the ‘Hotel Room of the Future for the Independent Hotel Show 2018.

Our brief was to design a hotel room that embraced 21st century technology without compromising on comfort ensuring ease of use.

A fully interactive room using cutting edge materials and design.

Technology for Hotel Rooms of the Future

The technology is very simple – the last thing people want are lights that they cannot turn off and tech that they cannot understand.

The tech wall can be made off-site with all the tech ready to hook up with the cables once in position. Hoteliers do not like anything that requires ceiling work and these cables can easily be installed beneath the flooring. The integral lights work to give a layered look to the lighting, together with the LED strip and pelmet at the top of the walls. There is a pad integrated into the media wall which is very easy to operate, with the potential to use this system to order room service, or a book table in the restaurant; should you wish to watch your own content on the TV, this would also be possible, through your own accounts on services such as Netflix, Amazon Movies and even use the surround sound to listen to your Spotify playlist.

 What about access for disability, and how hotel rooms should future-proof in this regard?

Rooms can easily be adapted and don’t need to look like a ‘disabled’ room. Hoteliers should make sure that there is provision and that they consult with an expert to assist in creating a room that works for all requirements and needs, from access for those using wheelchairs, to braille on the lights and on the pad integrated on the media wall.


As you can see, the ways in which technologies are changing will help to create rooms which guests can feel not only at home in, but also will help hoteliers to increase their return on investment when building or refurbishing their hotels. If you would like any further information about the installation, the products we used, or have a project in which you would like assistance to design a similar hotel room, please do get in touch.

2019 - Hotel Lobby & Dining Area

In collaboration, Koubou Interiors designed and built ‘The Suite’, a hospitality and networking space for the Independent Hotel Show 2019. With cutting edge lighting design and bespoke furniture that was innovative and beautiful, together with a stunning centrepiece made from Corian with a lasered ‘cherry tree’ design. Our brief here was sustainability which was achieved without compromising on the overall look.

This space was going to be used by the VIPs and was not a stand. It had to include sitting areas, a conference table and a bar. There was a very tight brief on how many seats were required and the constraints that we had to work within. 

Suppliers were selected for their beautiful fixtures and fittings and their willingness to collaborate on this large and exciting installation. Although there wasn’t a lot that could be changed with the floor plan, the designers were keen to do something different and so a central piece was designed. This was constructed from five panels of Corian carved into a tree design and then suspended in a box covered in a faux leather finish. Lighting was included in the design as well as planting. A stunning pagola with hand blown glass lamps was designed by Northern Lights that would span the conference table. Although this was probably the most difficult piece to install, it was worth the time and trouble as it was a truly stunning piece.