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Interfloor Ltd

  • Andrew Rajakrishnen
  • Tel: +44 (0) 1706 238820
  • Web:
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    Broadway , Haslingden , Lancashire BB4 4LS , United Kingdom


CPD course title: A Specifiers Guide to Underlay & More

  • CPD Fees: FREE

  • CPD Duration: 1 Hour

  • CPD Venue: Bookings by appointment, or at the Interfloor offices in Haslingden, Lancashire

  • Regions: UK and Ireland

CPD overview

Interior designers are invited to take this CPD to understand the selection process for specifying the correct underlay for your projects. The CPD covers the types of underlay available, their relative attributes, sound reduction, flame retardancy, green credentials and manufacturing processes. Interfloor are able to present this CPD nationally across the UK and in Ireland, or at their premises in Haslingden, Lancashire. To book this CPD and complimentary lunch, please email

CPD course title: A Specifiers Guide to Underlay & More (Online)

  • CPD Fees: FREE

  • CPD Duration: 30 minutes

  • CPD Venue: Online

  • Regions:

CPD overview

You can now learn all about the different types of underlay, their properties and considerations from a specification point of view at a time that suits you. Lasting around 30 minutes, you can stop and start this RIBA & BIID accredited online seminar at your convenience, and all from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Learning objectives

  • Why good underlay is important - The aim is to highlight how specifying the correct products can not only help to improve the aesthetics, but also improve the acoustics and the life of your floor coverings.
  • What underlay is, the most common types and how they are manufactured - To highlight the products available, what they are made of, recycled contents, relative attributes and manufacturing processes.
  • How underlay should be installed - Choice of product is often very dependent on the installation method, and the method you require is usually determined by the type of project. Whether its commercial or domestic, high traffic or for luxury, these factors will determine what type of installation you require.
  • Fire, Acoustic, & Environmental Considerations and Certification  - Consideration of certification and performance surrounding acoustics, flammability and green credentials.
  • How to Specify the Right Product for Your Project - Through better understanding of how underlay works, whats available and through use of our innovative Underlay Selector, we aim to be able to show specifiers how to select the right products for there projects without the need to contact us 

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