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Tollgard Design Group project

Island Living

Danish architect and industrial designer Knud Holscher has completed a residence on and island off the coast of southwestern denmark, with interiors by London-based studio Tollgård. Built for a Britain-based family as a summer retreat, the house is characterized by distinctly danish aesthetics, with floor-to-wall windows and a neutral color and material palette.

Responsible for the interiors, Tollgård Design Studio has developed serene spaces that accommodate the clients’ needs, who will spend time in the house during the summer months together with their children. Unassuming and elegant at the same time, the residence’s different rooms combine various textures of wood on the walls, ceilings, and furniture, while stone on the floors and the nude color palette of the textiles add to the refined atmosphere.

For Staffan, the opportunity to work in Scandinavia for the first time felt like coming home. ‘I left Stockholm for the UK more than half my life ago and have worked on design projects in Asia, America, the middle east and all over Europe. here is a family who have lived internationally for years but whose souls also long for home – the design journey into this shared heritage was all the more rewarding.’