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Ivy Lodge, Maida Vale, London

•                     Completion Date: May 2014

•                     Size: 450 m² / 4845 ft²

•                     Listed Building: Yes

•                     Conservation Area: St. John’s Wood

A gorgeous Georgian home (Regency, circa 1840) was transformed into a 21st century house for a young family. This semi-dethatched villa is a good example of the Arcadian ideal of stately villa surrounded by gardens facing onto a broad tree-lined road.

KIMA managed to improve the circulation flow and interconnectivity of the house significantly while respecting the original compartmentation. We also redesigned the house’s connection to the spacious rear garden and made sure all mature trees were protected during construction. We assisted the very discerning and involved client in the selection of finishes.

KIMA was responsible for obtaining full planning permission and listed building consent and subsequently worked to discharge the associated conditions. Despite the extended negotiations with the local authority we managed to obtain permission for air conditioning plant installation also.