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The Lancasters

4-bedroom apartment

Interior Decoration | Furniture planning | Lighting design | Soft furnishings | Design and management of bespoke joinery items | Coordination of painters and decorators

Transforming a Grade II listed apartment in The Lancasters into a distinctive, family-friendly space.

When we first encountered this apartment it was sterile and impersonal, with white walls, neutral carpeting and no distinguishing features.  The client wanted to put their unique stamp on the property and transform it into a playful family-friendly home that conveyed a sense of vibrant energy. The top floor corridor separating the living space from the children’s bedrooms was transformed from an innocuous walkway into a playful design feature, adorned with a bright rainbow coloured walls hand painted with birds of paradise and butterflies.  A fun feature for the children, we also created access to their bedrooms through a secret door into a Narnia inspired wardrobe lined with woodland wallpaper. The client’s strong eye for contemporary art meant that paintings for the property had already been selected and so we used this as a basis for understanding his distinctive taste and as a design guide for the rest of the property.  We offset the bold colours by using bright palettes and confident graffiti-style stencilled features.  The challenge with the living space and master bedroom was to make the double-height space homely, which we achieved with a striking colour palette and oversized, bespoke furniture