Tobias Oliver Interiors have created a luxury lifestyle showroom. The purpose is to provide access to high-end interior design to the doorstep of Berkhamsted, Herfordshire. Londoners have the amenity of luxury department stores and especially interior design showrooms in Central and West London. Tobias Oliver Interiors are bringing this resource to their High Street; making exceptional design accessible to the local community.

The showroom is set out like an opulent apartment with seamless elegance with a hint of quirk! As you move around the showroom there are many surprising delights that await you, creating a visually stimulating experience to awaken the senses. The tonal palette mixed with bold blues and gold shimmers providing a sumptuous sensation. When you travel upstairs you will find the showstopper kitchen finished in imperial blue lacquered marquetry. Toby says, "Opening a luxury lifestyle showroom has long been a dream of mine. This project has been very useful to me as I am effectively the client trying to bring a dream to reality. Looking at it from a client’s perspective has reminded me how important it is to listen and really understand the objectives of the project. My goal is to combine my professional design experience and industry relationships together – to collaborate and create a unique space to exhibit our skills and craftsmanship. Throughout the project each contractor, craftsman, artist and artisan approached the building with a hugely positive attitude; fully understanding the showroom concept I had set out to create. This approach; together with communication and teamwork determined the project’s success. Ultimately this accomplishment is measured by the overwhelming support and feedback from the local community in Berkhamsted & beyond."