This charming mews house was lovingly restored to be a place of refuge for its busy family of 5, who reside in the house in front of it. The brief saw us designing spaces for work and play, whilst opening up the small spaces to filter light throughout. 

Colour and industrial details gave the mews vibrancy, whilst the selection of decorative lighting and furniture grounded the spaces with coziness and texture. Bespoke detailing is seen at every corner, from the reeded crittal style glazing to the copper sink and countertop. ​

Upon entering the home, you are greeted by the extraordinary rust red perforated staircase that was designed with Diapo, which pulls light down from the new flat roof light above. To your right, the library has been redesigned to be an industrial statement with a bespoke steel mezzanine and spiral staircase, and fully custom library shelving which can be moved and adjusted to the clients needs. To the left, crittal style screens frame the kitchen, designed with DeVol. ​

On the first floor, a guest bedroom, bathroom and games bar and lounge transformed the previously small cut up spaces. The bathroom saw us using handmade powder pink tiles and an electric teal marble, making a small space truly special. The lounge's bespoke steel bar designed with DHJ Joiners links together all the elements of the home and serves as a backdrop to the cosy games and movie room, a perfect place to gather and celebrate.