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Atelier Tymovski project

MOODY BLUES - A Family House in Battersea with a West Coast Vibe


To transform the existing semi-detached Victorian house into a luxury home. The project was done in stages and consisted of partial reconfiguration of the ground floor, conversion of the basement wine store into a steam room, partial refurbishment of the 1st floor and re-landscaping of the front and rear gardens.

As the client had no own furniture or art work except for the one oil painting of the Irish coast, that became a major inspiration in developing the design scheme. Soft textures and stormy hues reflect rugged beauty of the Irish coast from the oil painting that inspired this design scheme with a homage to mid-century aesthetics.

The client gave us pretty much carte blanche in terms of the design only indicating preferred colours, general style direction. 

BUDGET: Approx. £220,000