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V4 Wood Flooring project

Oaks View Apartment Project

Location: Epsom, Surrey.

Space: Commercial apartment building.

Featured V4 Wood Flooring: AL103 Fjordic Shore Plank.

Rooms: 23 2–3-bedroom apartments, including 7 penthouse apartments.

Property Developers: Zestan Limited

Contractor: Alan Marshall

This commercial luxury apartment project located in Epsom, Surrey, features AL103 Fjordic Shore, from V4 Wood Floorings Alpine Lock Collection, which houses 10 beautiful generously sized planks, each complete with a 5Gc Locking system.

Contractor Alan Marshall, who has worked with the property developer Zestan Limited for several years states “This one was an exciting brief. When they showed me the plans for the development, I could see they were striving to create ultra-modern homes that had no compromise when it came to space and specification”. Oaks View was a premium project for Zestan Limited, that aimed to provide the best of suburban living for Epsom locals and London Commuters. In their brief, Zestan Limited had stated they wanted high-quality wood floors that had a Scandinavian feel about them with some contemporary grey oak tones. Having worked with V4 Wood Flooring for many years, Alan knew Fjordic Shore would be a perfect fit for this design.

AL103 Fjordic Shore is a brushed, grey stained and matt lacquered plank. With generously long length planks, the Fjordic Shore finish starts from a light oak base with cooler grey tones accentuating the oak grains to create a smooth and contemporary finish that is naturally light and space-enhancing, whilst emanating modernity. Fjordic Shore has been installed throughout all 23 apartments. The aim was for a seamless floor finish that would run throughout all of the spaces, with just the bathrooms having a different tiled finish.

“As I always find with V4’s floors the installation process was straightforward with minimum wastage. As soon as the first apartment was finished the developer and I both agreed we’d made the right choice. The modern light tones were perfect for the contemporary interior design concept they wanted in the new homes.” – Alan Marshall, Contractor

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