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  • Steve Thompson
  • Tel: 01924 367 255
  • Web:
  • Address:

    OE House , Thomas Maddison Lane , Calder Park , Wakefield WF4 3GH , United Kingdom

    United Kingdom


CPD course title: How to Power your Agile Workspace

  • CPD Fees: FREE

  • CPD Duration: 50 minutes + 10 minutes for questions

  • CPD Venue: Online or In Person

  • Regions: UK-wide

CPD overview

This CPD provides a comprehensive overview of the different areas within a workspace, what we mean by an 'agile' workspace, and the best practice for powering these spaces. The course introduces the attendees to innovative and effective ways to bring convenient and accessible power and charging facilities to a modern, agile workspace. The course also includes an overview of BS6396; the standard for the safe installation of electrical systems in all furniture, often found in offices and education.

Learning Objectives

After taking this CPD interior designers will understand:

  • What options are available when including electrics in their designs including traditional AC power, high power USB, and mobile battery power.
  • How to practically integrate electrics into agile spaces.
  • Best practices for including electrics into workspaces.

To book this CPD, please contact Steve Thompson on E:                      T: 01924 367 255