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Claudia Dorsch Interior Design Ltd project

A Place Called Home

Interior Styling | Fulham

The clients are busy professionals with two primary school age children with sophisticated taste and a savvy approach to undertaking their first serious property development project. When we started advising the clients the building works were under way, the structural and spatial design was signed off and they had already undertaken their own research on finishes and short listed options for the hard materials such as tiles, flooring, marble and joinery veneers. We met at their prior home to review existing pieces of furniture that were destined to be reused – a tasteful mix of contemporary and antiques which resonates with my personal furnishing taste. 

Our brief was simple – lend a hand and a trained eye with a compatible aesthetic in the selection process. The options presented were all beautiful. We guided the clients how to edit, filter and put it all together and how to use paint colours and fabrics, lighting and accessories and source missing pieces of furniture. We shared a very collaborative journey of sharing tips and tricks how to finish off interior spaces.