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Porada Arredi UK Ltd

  • Chiara Prestigiacomo
  • Tel: 02031556035
  • Web:
  • Address:

    First Floor, South Dome , 103 Design Centre Chelsea Harbour , London SW10 0XE , United Kingdom


CPD course title: Working with wood - specifying wooden furniture and understanding its unique qualities

  • CPD Fees: FREE

  • CPD Duration: 1 Hour

  • CPD Venue: Porada Showroom, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

  • Regions:

CPD overview

This CPD module provides a first-hand in-depth insight into specifying wooden furniture from understanding how to use natural materials in interior design projects, through the array of available stains and lacquers and their suitability for specific interiors projects, all the way through to understanding the manufacturing process of wooden furniture and the craftsmanship behind it.

Learning objectives

Gain knowledge of:

  • The durability and value of wood and the importance of craftsmanship in the manufacturing process.
  • Choosing well from the variety of stains and lacquers for diverse projects.
  • The manufacturing process of wooden furniture - from choosing the right woods and trees to the finished pieces

To book a CPD with Chiara, please email or call the showroom on 0203 155 3065