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Jam By Hedayat Ltd project

Pyramid Hills - part 2

We took over this house which was a single levelled shell overlooking the Pyramids of Giza and worked closely with the contractor to complete the 15000 square foot house. The house was a celebration of the client's passion for Egyptian art, ornaments and history. We successfully reinterpreted their passion into a contemporary showcase which is practical and functional in every corner.

The client has two boys and lives with her husband.  She is a retired banker who is an avid collector of art and is very proud of her Coptic heritage. Her grandfather founded the Coptic museum in Cairo and she wanted to celebrate that heritage in her new home.  This is meant to be their dream home.  Due to the sheer size of the project and the lack of completeness of the site, we are estimating three years to complete the project.

The clients were keen to take with them many of the furniture pieces and artifacts which will remind them of their first home for the first seventeen years of their lives.

The client also wanted a zone for a formal reception, as her husband is a successful entrepreneur who needs to entertain frequently. 

The house was zoned into private and public spaces and within the private spaces we created more zoning to accommodate the various personalities of the household.  The one element that united all spaces is the fact that they presented a display for the couples’ extensive art collection. 

We gathered data from their existing home of paintings and furniture pieces. We also went on a few visits to the Coptic museum to gather ideas patterns and materials to incorporate into the finishing schedule.