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Rachel Winham Interior Design project

Rachel Winham Showroom

We have created an exceptional bespoke Joinery feature, which can easily be viewed from the street to entice clientele to enter the showroom. The concept alluded lightly to the Brutalism movement, which considers beauty through its acquirement of rough, aged textures and the contrasting of different materials. The use of a smooth, honed timber as the main body of the unit has been contrasted beautifully with moveable timber up-stand shelving, generously coated in a rigidly textured bronze liquid metal finish. The subtle lighting embedded within the shelving of the joinery adds a gentle hint of understated glamour, along with the perfectly polished antique mirrored backdrop. Ultimately the design was formulated to showcase the high-end bespoke service which Rachel Winham Interior Design provides, where the main focus is on creating unique pieces, be it furniture or joinery, with uncompromising detailing whilst ensuring functionality.