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V4 Wood Flooring project

The Rosewood Home

Location: South Buckinghamshire.

Space: Domestic Renovation with large extension.

Featured V4 Wood Flooring: ZB105 Foundry Steel Herringbone.

Rooms: Kitchen, dining room, entrance room, sunroom, living room.

Architect: Neil Dowlman Architecture

Builder: Nick Marchand

Featuring ZB105, Foundry Steel from V4 Wood Flooring’s Engineered Oak Herringbone Collection Zigzag, this family house has been completely transformed into a dream home, in South Buckinghamshire.

Despite previous extensions on their family home, social media influencer Scarlett decided that they wanted to add further character to their house. After meeting with their architect Neil from Neil Dowlman Architecture, the family decided to complete a full renovation to create their perfect family home.

To create a bold and stylish design, the house was complete with V4’s Foundry Steel engineered oak herringbone. Foundry Steel is distressed, stained & UV oiled; meaning that not only is this floor a suitable choice for a busy family home such as Scarlett’s but is also filled with character, a main requirement of the design brief. The house features a large open space layout downstairs, covering the kitchen, dining room, sunroom and living room. A herringbone design is a useful way to aid the continuous flow throughout each space, and this home was no exception. The use of Foundry Steel created a seamless design that allowed a great continuity of style to run through each room, tying them together, whilst allowing Scarlett to give each space its own identity through the use of furniture. Scarlett notes “it adds so much warmth to the room, the pattern is a real showstopper”.

Drawing upon design inspiration found on Pinterest, design magazines and blogs, Scarlett took the reins when it came to designing the interiors of the newly renovated house. Combining an array of complementing colours and what Scarlett describes as “traditional, timeless decors, brass, blacks and golds”, they were able to complete their self-build to achieve their goal of creating a family home filled with character and style.

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