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OMO Design project



2016 | Kiev | 300 sq.m | Design and Build

Team: Natalia Shchyra, Viktoria Oskilko, Aleksandra Tereshenko, Maksym Parokonniy

Photos: Andriy Avdeenko


— 2016 IIDA Global Excellence Awards, USA. The Winner In Office Space Small

— 2016 Interior Of The Year, Ukraine. The Winner In Administrative And Public


Interiors: A blank sheet, atmospheres created using indirect and hidden light.


Space divided into multifunctional auditorium and studio's office with an acoustical partition between two areas. The heart of the office is a white cubical meeting room - the gateway between two zones.


Office: Workstations presented as two white islands, with hidden wires and equipment. There is a special room for storing and displaying materials which we use in our projects.


Auditorium: the name MAKET means "architectural model" in Russian and Ukrainian languages. Its space can be quickly transformed into various event modes from lecture to presentation. Equipped with two big screens, the light system by Gira, sound engineer’s controller, folding flux chairs, movable reception desk, light-proof curtains and has a hidden wardrobe & cloakroom.


Furniture: All furniture for the project custom made in Ukraine.