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Claudia Dorsch Interior Design Ltd project

True Blue

Interior Styling | Finchley

Our clients were in the process of taking a puppy into their family. This required some adjustments to layout and functionality of the ground floor of their property. The kitchen, dining and play area and formal sitting room are all connected and the materials and surfaces needed to be adapted for life with Simba. Also the children were getting older and family life reached a stage when mountains of toys could make way for a more civilized furnishing style in the den.

The initial consultation is a time to get to know the family lifestyle requirements, their taste and a chance to look around and spot what needs to be improved. We also actively scout for items that will serve as inspiration for the project. Colour is a major deciding factor which we discuss early on. In this project we settled on the colour blue to be our anchor. Together with the white kitchen units and the black stained timber floor boards, it was a natural conclusion to build the scheme around these colours with a mix of modern and classic furniture.