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Registered Interior Designer®

Ann Koh


Annco Design Studio


ANNCO DESIGN is a London based interior design studio with an innovative and energetic design approach. The founder Ann Koh has brought together an experienced multidisciplinary team creating interiors with unique impact.

The studio’s projects range from high-end interiors, interior-architecture, design services and project management. The projects are led by a team of professionals that care about how their clients use the spaces they are designing; they are with you the whole way.

Ann designs bespoke furniture pieces as part of your project that are iconic and built by carefully selected craftspeople. Geometric forms, colour contrasts and opulent surfaces are a signature in her designs.

‘I create spaces with positivity and flow that not only show my clients style, but more importantly, to show the values that they live by. If my client feels unsure, I can make them feel safe and I say to them, Let’s start the Journey.’

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