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Registered Interior Designer®

Carolyn Trevor

TLA Studio



In a world where so many designers parade a signature look, Carolyn Trevor doesn't hanker to live in a white cube nor flaunt neo classical detailing. Her bespoke interiors are informed and sylish, attributed to her extensive experience working with architects such as Rick Mather and designers including Jacques Grange and David Collins. This mix of experience has meant that Carolyn sees design as a continuum, not just decoration or construction. Her work seeks neither to impose on the building or the client but strikes a relationship between them. At the heart of all good design is the comfort of the occupant, and now more than ever with so much choice it is essential that functional requirements are recognised and integrated fully within the aesthetic. Carolyn established her studio in London in 1997 and has 10 architects and interior designers within the practice. Services include: Interior Architecture; Bespoke Kitchens and bathrooms; Sourcing and Furnishing Service; Furniture Design; Project Co-ordination; Procurement. Project sectors include: New Builds; Listed Buildings; Private Residences & Apartments; Private Yachts; Show Houses & Apartments; Hotels; Restaurants; Executive Offices; Commercial Offices; Lobbies.