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Coryn Dickman

Coryn Dickman Interiors


Interior design and well thought-out spaces are my passion!

Working closely with my clients to create interiors that perfectly meet their individual needs and interests is key, and at the same time designing super-functional and stunningly stylish interiors ...that are never boring!

Once the interiors flow, the design is in the details; throw in my unique use of richness of texture, patterns and colour to create dramatic and individual interiors.
My one-of-a-kind design brings together my eclectic inspiration and mixed with a interest to renovate and upcyle materials and buildings wherever possible, creates a seamless combination of old and new.

Establishing a design agency in the French speaking area of Switzerland and previously in NewYork and London, I'm a British interior designer who's always inspired by my travels and the enormous variety of world styles, giving me an eclectic design aesthetic whilst retaining an distinctive injection of British "cool"!
During my design career I have worked on some of the world's biggest brands which has been amazing! It has also instilled in me the importance in every project of staying close to the budget and careful management of process. 

But what really makes me happy is to guide a client through every step their project and see their huge satifaction and joy when the job is done. Many clients speak of my "strong ideas and concepts", "attention to detail", "decisiveness" and their "satisfaction with their home project results".