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Registered Interior Designer®

Darshika Shah

Shah Designs Ltd



“Interior Design” to me is to personalise the space and looking for one's psychological and physical attachment, and hence I aspire to sculpt client’s desire into aesthetically pleasing spaces, but at the same time useful and practical, that signifies exclusiveness to each individual client. I aim to offer Morden and futuristic approach to the Interiors considering synchronization of sensorial aspect of spaces with the technology at its best, be it a contemporary or traditional interiors. Attention to details of flawless blend of material, texture, light, colours, functionality in order to establish the appropriate desired ambiance. Being passionate designer, I take each project as an asset which I cultivate with personnel care and touch of creativity.

I am sensitive to the environment and hence I strive to use and promote environment friendly products. This reflects in the design process including procurement of the furniture, fixtures and equipments.  

Having gained years of experience during the tenure of my employment at Chartered Architects, my knowledge of planning, Building Regulations and project management lead me to analyse project potential with technical aspect of Interior Design. My extensive knowledge of material procurement and execution of bespoke requirements enable me to bring prompt Innovative design solutions..