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Debra McQuin is the principal designer and managing director of McQuin Partnership Interior Design. The company specialises in high-end residential projects in London. Debra trained at KLC School of Design and became a Member of the BIID in 2010. She also brings to her interior design practice many years of business experience as a senior-level executive in the advertising industry. Debra's long career spent managing projects for global companies with seven-figure budgets ensures that McQuin Partnership's interior design projects are marked by professionalism, clear communication and financial transparency. 

Clients come to a design project with varying degrees of expertise and levels of expectation.  McQuin Partnership's skill is to bring to life what is in clients' heads, even when they can't visualise or articulate it themselves. Drawings, scale plans and sample boards are the tools used to make sure that the client has a clear vision of the end result, even before the first tile is laid or the first piece of furniture is ordered. McQuin Partnership works with a select group of artisans, specialists and suppliers--or with the client's nominated professionals--to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality and faithful to the designs the client has approved.