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Registered Interior Design Practice

Elicyon Limited



Elicyon, led by Founder & Director Charu Gandhi, has an experienced, highly qualified and dynamic team, primed to execute your project no matter the complexity, scale, scope or scene. Big or small. Commercial or personal. Local or global.

We are committed to those who trust our combined decades of expertise and eclectic experience. Realising the unified lifestyle that you desire. In collaboration with our international web of artisans, Elicyon will orchestrate, manage and deliver your interior from its creative conception to the project’s completion. Governing every element – from the greater guidance of contractor movements to the setting of the smallest details – we are dedicated to your tailored vision by making it our own. Our own to craft, our own to conceive, and our own to commit. Ours to make yours.

With each project we are sworn to shaping a truly unique view of its concept, comfort and conduct. Bringing a bespoke cohesion to the interior through both the architecture of the environment and the objects that embrace it. Respecting your story, recognising the heritage of the space, and telling the tale of the two in tandem.

We pride ourselves on the perennial realisation of extraordinary detail and an unrivalled dedication to material, minutiae and modernity.