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Registered Interior Designer®

Esra Kumbasar

Accouter Design (AGofC)



Since opening the studio doors in 2012, international award-winning residential Interior Design & Interior Architectural studio Accouter has produced unparalleled interiors for the most discerning clients in the world's most exclusive residences.

Design Director Esra Kumbasar has an extensive track record in luxury high end interior architecture projects. Having completed multi-million pound schemes all over the world for high profile developers and private clients, Esra has diverse experience in some of the worlds finest residences.



Every project starts with a conversation. To understand your vision, we need to get to know you: your lifestyle, your hobbies and the passions that drive and inspire you. Only when we start to understand you can we present the ideas, designs, textures and materials that will form the cornerstone of our project.


Our clients won’t be held back by the limitations of space and form. Through creative exploration, we can adapt an existing residence or manipulate a new space to ensure a seamless living experience, where every corner is considered and life flows unhindered.


Our clients usually seek to capture something of themselves in a space: a sense of belonging, aspiration or historical narrative. Working with our network of artisans and global curators, we create environments that capture the threads of that narrative, perfectly balancing form and function and pulling them together to fashion remarkable living spaces.