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Registered Interior Designer®

Gulcin White

Studio G Interior Design Ltd


Gulcin White is the founder and creative director of Studio G Interior Design Ltd. Her style is timeless, elegant, and eclectic covering both modern and traditional interiors with ease by drawing inspiration from her much travelled past, her love of nature, art and architecture.

Gulcin completed her degree with honours in Interior Architecture in Prestigious the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in USA.

Across the USA and UK, her extensive 23 years of experience, covers work of high-end residential and commercial projects, completing designs for both architectural and interior design firms internationally before launching her own Studio in 2013.

​Gulcin, as creative director, also serves as the mentor to all employees encouraging a collaborative studio environment. She makes sure the studio has a hands-on approach in the creative process from concept to completion. Studio G believes your home is very personal; you spend a majority of your life there, si it should reflect who you as a person. We would like to learn as much as possible to help curate a home that is completely in harmony and tailored to them. Therefore our interiors are never repetitive and evolving creations. She is fascinated with new innovative technologies and trends, and she will adapt this into the design seamlessly.