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Registered Interior Designer®

Helen Gordon

Kite Creative

Sustainable bespoke kitchen


As a creator, strategic thinker and trendsetter Helen passionately believes in creating change within industries, where collaboration is key towards achieving greater productivity and efficiency. With the wellbeing of the planet and people at the heart of everything she does, Helen strives to make a difference, building a better future for people, society and the planet. 

Over 30 years experience working across various industry sectors such as Retail, the Built Environment and Manufacturing as an Architectural Interior Designer, Retail Buyer, Product Developer, Textile Designer and Business Owner, has allowed Helen to consistently create innovate designs, products and brands aswell as delivering commercial solutions for increasing sales and profit. She has also witnessed first-hand the un-sustainable materialistic practices that occur and is on a mission to to reverse the irresponsible design trends of the past and regenerate for a better life.

As Co-Founder and Creative Director for Kite, her passion for nature and sustainability and the wellbeing of the human forms the design narrative that underpins every design project. Pioneering a regenerative way of living Kitecreative reimagines the spaces we live work and play in, offering a truly circular way of working, to help restore the wellbeing of people and planet.