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Registered Interior Designer®

Henrietta Spencer-Churchill

Spencer-Churchill Design Ltd (t/a Woodstock Designs)



Founded in 1981 by Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Woodstock Designs is a well established interior design company specialising in the renovation and restoration of classical and listed buildings as well as new build homes. We operate from two outlets, the main shop and office based in Woodstock, Oxfordshire and a studio/office in Fulham, London. 

  Many of our projects involve a complete structural refurbishment and we work closely with our clients and other professional advisers researching the historical background and designing a cross section of architectural features in order to restore houses to their former glory, whilst incorporating modern facilities.    The service includes a complete package from space planning and all aspects of building work to furnishings, including antiques, pictures and accessories. Woodstock Designs have carried out many projects in the USA and more recent projects include new build houses in the UK, USA, Russia and worldwide; each room and architectural feature is carefully planned to optimise the use of space, whilst adding character and authenticity to a chosen style.     For more information, please contact one of our team of designers: Tel: 01993 811887 Email: