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Registered Interior Designer®

Pernilla Bennet

House of Bennet Interior Design



House of Bennet is an international interior design studio, based in Zurich/Zug – Switzerland. After many years of design experience, HoB was founded, where a strong sense of architecture and design is a hallmark of the work, which has developed through the passion for art & history, and how they can be reflected into an interior. The design philosophy is shaped also by travelling and learning from the richness of different cultures.


The portfolio comprises mainly residential projects in Sweden, Switzerland & UK, and some commercial. Partnership with excellent craftsmen and artists, as well as thorough preparation, is the successful formula for attaining high quality, and timely completion within budget. We offer turnkey interior design, interior architecture, project leading, art selection & creation, bespoke built-in solutions, textile design and furniture design for private individuals, businesses, architects and developers.


Every space and client differ. We approach each project with an open mind and recognize each client’s unique requirements. We steer away from convention or fads, to create truly interesting and unique spaces with a meaningful, functional and timeless style that stands out from the crowd, but always feel like home.


We tell the story of your home by creating your interior by paying tribute to and reflect the owner’s experiences through an expression of art, furniture, textiles, materials or collected objects that creates meaning. Additionally, to consider the surroundings and the buildings history reinforces the authenticity, creating added value by telling its story visually.


Pernilla Bennet has been creative director and project manager for almost a decade. After an equally long experience in the home textiles and fashion industry, she achieved a BA (Hons) (1st) in Interior Design at Staffordshire University UK and an MA (Hons)(1st) in Interior Design at De Montford University UK, in addition to the already existing Bachelors of economics, textile technology and fashion design. Pernilla has strengthened this already rich knowledge base through continuous studies. This includes subjects such as art history, fashion forecasting, film in relation to fashion, European history and environmental textiles