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Registered Interior Designer®

Cynthia Hartmann

Interior Design CH

Interior Design CH



Since 2011, transforming homes & changing life-style. 

For us, small details can make a real impact when designing a space, but only a true professional knows how to bring these details together to create a seamless design. Here is where Interior Design CH comes in.

Cynthia has steadily grown as a renowned Interior Designer in the United Kingdom, Australia, Portugal and Brazil, an expert in creating interiors that impress. With high expertise in intelligent solutions for homes, kitchens and nautical.  She offers a different range of services, such as Interior Design services with refurbishment or the project with a consultation. Also, our team works with a high-end quality 3D image render for retail companies. 

Bespoke design is integral to the CH approach.  Every facet of the project can be custom-made to ensure that the client's needs will be realised, with unwavering creativity and the finest quality assured.

Would you be ready for a transformation? Contact us today to discuss your plans, we'll love to hear them.