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Registered Interior Designer®

Jo Ahmedzai

Jo Ahmedzai Interior Design Ltd



London-based Interior Design studio Jo Ahmedzai is renowned for its exceptional creative vision and pure, simple designs that place functional use and extraordinary comfort at the core.

With a holistic approach, Jo Ahmedzai's simple mission is to design beautiful spaces that invite human interaction and ensure the well-being of those who inhabit them.  Each of our projects captures the essence of our studio identity, where designs are passionately crafted using our love of natural materials, fine attention to detail, and refined taste. Functionality forms the starting point for everything we do; durability and comfort are long-lasting results.  

Across both residential and hospitality sectors, we delve into each project's narrative, add layers of meaning, and meticulously ensure no detail is overlooked. With a questioning approach, we quickly learn to understand the client and discover the foundations of their brief. We respond to this with designs that engage the senses, looking to inspire them in a way they could not have imagined. From the initial design to the final construction and styling, we provide our clients with the perfect balance of technical knowledge and design expertise.