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John Cullen Lighting



With over 35 years of experience in discreet lighting,John Cullen Lighting offers a complete service for all aspects of interior and exterior lighting for the home, chalet, villa and superyacht. Our internationally-acclaimed, discreet fittings, designed in-house and manufactured in the UK, provide clients,designers and architects with the tools to deliver outstanding lighting in contemporary and traditional settings.

We offer a bespoke design service to ensure that you make the most of lighting for your space from one room to a whole house and garden.  We will help you create a luxury lighting scheme that will transform and enhance key features of your home, garden or yacht, and make each space come to life. Our experienced designers can create lighting solutions that will enhance everything from furniture to fabrics, artwork to architecture. 

Our spectacular new showroom showcases the latest in lighting technology in a cutting-edge space featuring "The John Cullen House" with 14 room sets and a unique custom-built lighting pod. You can see many options for lighting a room,a garden or an object such as a picture, sculpture, bookcase or shelving.

Our unique collection is each chosen for it's creative lighting effect, discreet appearance, performance and good design. The range includes recessed downlights, spotlights, uplighting, wall and floor washing, bathroom and mirror lights, shelf and picture lighting, lighting artwork and garden and exterior lighting. 

We offer a new lighting control package incorporating lighting control project solutions and in-house technical support whether for the home, architectural, hospitality or marine projects.  We deliver a single lighting and control scheme in a managed package to give your clients peace of mind. From retro-fit to an upgrade or a totally new system, you can be assured of the best bespoke solution using the latest digital technology which can interface with a smart phone and tablet.

Visit our showroom to see the fittings and stunning visual effects which can be achieved with modern lighting. Alternatively call the Design Secretary on 020 7371 9000 to make an appointment or request a brochure.