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Registered Interior Designer®

Kana Fukuda

Umebara Kensetu



Kana specializes in the creation and renovation of spaces, interiors, and landscape gardening. Her expertise lies in seamlessly merging diverse elements, such as Western and Japanese aesthetics, and skillfully incorporating both inorganic and organic features to cultivate a fresh sense of allure. While she has a proclivity for designing in a masculine and contemporary style, she also excels in crafting serene and natural spaces that enhance the play of natural light.

Kana firmly believes that effective communication with clients constitutes a pivotal aspect of the design process. By anchoring her concepts around the potential needs and desires of her clients, she derives great satisfaction from collaboratively fashioning spaces with a foundation of adaptability.

Moreover, Kana possesses a profound fondness for the local community in which she resides, the seaside resort of IZU in Japan. Her passion revolves around crafting distinctive designs utilizing sustainable, locally sourced materials. Leveraging the unique attributes of this area, she is actively engaged in research to develop designs that contribute to the revitalization of the community, with a particular focus on preserving traditional craftsmanship and heritage.

Currently, she serves as an architect at a small design and construction firm in her town. However, she is in the process of planning a transition to launch her own design business in the near future.