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Carmelina Dalton



Interior Design is the process of designing how you would like to feel inside.

KEMSI is a high-end design practice focusing on residential and boutique commercial properties throughout the UK and Europe. We inspire, design and curate human experiences, enabling our clients to imagine spaces based on how they would like to feel within them.

Projects have ranged from London townhouses to detached period and modern residences both domestically and abroad, through to commercial spaces in prime London Mayfair.

Founded by Creative Director Carmelina Dalton, who leads all design projects supported by passionate and creative designers. Careful consideration of every step in the design process, from initial concept to completion, indicates a thorough and client-focused approach. Managing every detail to the highest standards ensures that KEMSI delivers on quality and, ultimately, client satisfaction.

The aim of our practice is to curate spaces that are beautiful and aspirational, with an ever-underlying emphasis on the human experience.


How would you describe your style? 

KEMSI pursues a design aesthetic underpinned by timeless qualities that resist trends. We listen more than tell, and we never tell our clients how we want their space to look.  Whether it be a commercial or residential client we ask them how they want to feel and experience their space. From here we start to inspire our clients with aesthetics, responding directly to their history, personalities, and environment, drawing on the project's locality to evoke feeling. Combining old and new, bringing the outside in to create open, calm and timeless schemes unique to our clients drives our passions and our practice.


KEMSI came to us and asked all the right questions. Other interior designers had asked how we wanted the space to look. KEMSI asked us how we wanted to feel in the space when it was completed.  Armed with our answers to that question, Carmelina designed spaces in which we feel so at home. Thank you for listening more than telling, you are awesome!