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Kerry Southern-Reason

Care Home Interiors Ltd


Since 2001 Kerry Southern-Reason has operated an interiors business from her base in Medstead, Hampshire. Now an extended working family of likeminded individuals, who over the past 15 years have turned their skill, knowledge, and craftsmanship into the very essence of what is The Care Home Interiors Company.

The Care Home Interiors Company is a multi-award-winning, family-run business offering exceptional design, in-house manufacturing, and full installation producing soft furnishings, upholstery, and cabinetry. 

Over the years, Kerry Southern-Reason has become a pioneer in dementia interior design. This expertise has led to her securing a Pinders Healthcare Design Award in 2016, 2020, 2022 and 2023 in the dementia design and best interior design categories.

A transformative interiors company, forever moving forward, the company seeks new directions with one focus, to create safe but exciting care home interiors. Remarkably each design remains true to the company’s commitment that you will never see an interior scheme repeated. Each as unique as the one before and all produced to varying budgets.

The company’s symbol is a Butterfly, a mantra for change, transition, adaptation, and growth. This symbol is testament to the company’s commitment to be at the forefront of care home interior design.