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Registered Interior Designer®

Madina Vykhodtseva

Spark Decor



Since 2006, specialize in the design and decoration of private and public spaces. I work with different styles, depending on the wishes of the clients and the features and location of the object of decoration. Everyone is different and each person needs their own individual approach - while the interior is obtained with a twist and a happy client and the decorator!

Decorating - is the process by now, not centuries as architecture. This is a mood, a state of mind, habits and hobbies of people, fashion, especially age, etc. Always matter where the object is and for whom it is created ... I'm not loyal to one particular style strictly as human nature to change, growth, finding new, beautiful, striving for the best. It is interesting to argue with him, to refute, to wonder, to be different - in fact in dispute born truth! The interior may not be similar to one another, as is always created for a specific location and specific people, and the glory of God on earth everyone is different, having a personal appearance, special habits and personal character. Therefore, the interior - it is almost a mirror of the soul (mirror image), a kind of - a portrait. The most important thing to work on a project - to catch the mood of the client, to be with him on the same wavelength! And if that fails, then the process of becoming a decorator is fun and easy, and the result pleases and satisfies all the wants and needs of the clients, making them a little happier. Neither is it a thing!