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Registered Interior Designer®

Raquel Aparicio

Mardesignuk LTD



About Raquel,

With over 15 years of design experience, creative thinker, and founder of Mardesign, Raquel, understands the benefits of engaging, high-quality design that creates comfortable and inspirational homes and workspaces.

Raquel is a qualified architect that has spent her career sharing a natural talent for interior design. Known for creating spaces that are not only eye-catching but functional, Raquel spent many years designing hospitality projects such as 5-star hotels, restaurants, spas, gentlemen’s clubs, lobby areas, and high-end residential projects.

Through the variety of projects Raquel played a part in, she was able to garner a wealth of experience and expertise in making spaces work and feel better. Helped by a commercially-driven mindset, Raquel is uniquely placed to help clients maximize ROI, elevate a property’s performance and increase investor’s wealth using design as a platform.

After years of working on a range of projects, Raquel founded Mardesign, a specialist studio that focuses on interior design for property investors. The firm has now helped hundreds of clients create impressive spaces, with the signature focused yet clever, functional yet fun Mardesign touch.

The Mardesign difference,

Mardesign is on a mission to create stylish spaces that tenants and buyers will love to call ‘their space.’ This means ensuring a high return on investment, reduced voids, high occupancy rates, more long-term tenancies, and increased property value for our clients.

Our clients come from various industries and have investment experience, but they have a few things in common; they are time-poor and overwhelmed by the thought of designing their own properties. By investing in top-quality interior design services at the start of their project, they’ll get access to industry-leading expertise that will save them considerable money and time in the long run.

Mardesign's expertise is wide-ranging, but here are some of the services that Raquel and her team can assist with:

  • Interior space planning
  • Interior concept design
  • Interior material and finishes selections
  • Furniture, art & accessories selections, and procurement
  • Property styling and staging
  • Interior design technical drawings and documentation
  • Construction technical drawings and documentation
  • Planning applications
  • Building control technical drawings and documentation
  • Project management