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Registered Interior Designer®

Mark Barratt

CATO Creative Ltd



CATO creative is a small business with big talent. The team combines a mixture of age, experience and background with design flare, technical expertise, market knowledge and an eye for detail.

We don' t have a 'house style', the look of our work is diverse and varied. We focus on design and specification that brings to life our clients' brief, needs and imaginations. The only thing that stays the same is that our designs work as well as they look.

Working with our clients we take their project from ideas through to construction plans - designing, specifying and sourcing everything. And, regardless of size or complexity, the end goal is always to produce beautifully designed, well thought out and brilliantly finished homes that are personal to the people that live in them.

When it comes to construction, we manage tenders and then work closely with the contractors bringing the design to life in the way intended. We monitor progress, manage costs & provide valuations on work completed while keeping a close eye on the detail. We also coordinate all the third party suppliers, making sure the right stuff arrives at the right time and at the right price.

We also offer bespoke design, specification and supply services tailored to suit your needs. These include bathrooms, kitchens and carpentry along with a furniture supply and an interior design service that' s much more than cushions and curtains. These all provide high-end design, specification and finish from the comfort of your own home, and what' s more, our open book fees mean that if we save you will save too.

So far it' s worked for us and more importantly our clients. With 90% of our business being referrals we know that' s why they choose us.